Ashley Godwin

ag-0513 2Ashley is currently a student at the University of Central Arkansas, anticipating graduation in May of 2017. A member of the Honors College, she is pursuing a degree in public relations and a minor in marketing.

While interning at KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, Ashley fell into a career that combines her academic background and passion for people. She lives for reporting because it gives her the opportunity to connect with diverse individuals and help them voice their opinions about current events.

Ashley has worked in many industries, which strengthens her skills as a journalist. She currently works at News 6, the university owned news station, as the News Director. Since working for News 6, she has come to learn everything she can get her hands on, including producing, editing, anchoring, and reporting. Some of her other experiences include hosting her own radio show on a nationally renowned station— Alice 107.7 KLAL-FM, and working at a local business where she is the director of the marketing initiatives.

Ashley knows how hard it is to get into this line of work, however she is extremely  dedicated and knows the amount of effort it will take to succeed. She is a great listener, loves constructive criticism, and is always striving for perfection. She knows there is always room for improvement and thrives from her peers. In spite of the competitiveness of the industry, she enjoys the high-paced lifestyle that working for the news brings.