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JOPLIN, Mo.- Police Standoff

PITTSBURG, Ks.- Paint the Town Red Winners


NEOSHO, Mo.- A woman comes home to find her mailbox in pieces, and the remnants of an explosive device.

NEOSHO, Mo.- High school students are concerned after moldy food was served to a student.

JOPLIN, Mo.- A local woman is has been working on her 7-1 split — thankfully it’s not a difficult stretch. It’s bowling and she’s been perfecting her follow through for 43 years — since she was 55.

WEBB CITY, Mo.- Are you a sucker for those hair-raising screams? Do you relish in the rush of a scary movie or haunted house? Ashley Godwin visited the Fear Factory in Webb City to learn why people find the idea of terror a frightening good time.

JOPLIN, Mo.- Joplin Humane Society has an overcrowding of dogs, especially this breed.

WELCH, Ok.- An overnight fire burns down a family-run saddle shop leaving the owners wondering what to do next.

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